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Settlements for Bedsore Cases

Courts around the country are starting to see more and more nursing home abuse cases that deal with bedsores. These sores, also known as pressure sores, pressure ulcers, and skin lesions can be quite painful and lead to a number of health problems. Patients confined to beds need to be turned regularly – at least every two hours – to help reduce the chance of developing these sores. The same is true for those bound to a chair. Residents who do not receive proper care are at a greater risk of developing these sores. Greater injury, infection, and even death can result from these injuries.

Residents or family members could be able to file a lawsuit against the facility in the event of bedsores. They may be able to reach a settlement out of court.

Settlements for Bedsores

Since bedsores can affect the quality of life of a patient, and because they can become infected, it is important for residents and families to take action in the event they suffer from one of these injuries. Settlements can help with the mental, physical, and financial hardships suffered by the resident.

An 88-year-old woman in Delaware developed bedsores that became infected. The family filed a lawsuit against the facility, and they were awarded a settlement of $2.3 million.

An Illinois nursing home resident who was a quadriplegic developed bedsores that did not heal for a year, even though he received treatment. Family members filed a suit for him, and were awarded a $1 million settlement.

Another 88-year-old resident developed infected bedsores and had to undergo surgery, subsequent hospitalization, and wound care and maintenance to deal with the problem. The resident and family receive a $1 million settlement.

Settlements for Bedsore Deaths

In some cases, it is impossible to heal the bedsores which can sometimes lead to death, often through infection. In cases such as this, family members can file suits against the facility for their deceased loved one.

An 82-year-old woman in Texas developed deep bedsores that infected the bone. The patient died, and her family filed a suit for her. They received $1.2 million for the settlement. An 87-year old woman in a facility in Washington suffered a similar fare. She died of stage four infected bedsores. The family was able to receive a $900,000 settlement.

A 75-year-old woman with severely infected bedsores died while staying at a nursing home facility. The family filed suit and received a settlement of $1.2 million. An 80-year-old woman in Illinois was suffering from a number of stage four bedsores. The infection led to her death as well. After filing a lawsuit against the facility, the family received a $1 million settlement.

Getting a Settlement

Residents who feel that they may have the right to file a bedsore lawsuit should make their next stop an appointment with a nursing home abuse attorney. These attorneys will be able to help the family understand what they need to do and whether they have a good case as there can be differences from state to state. Many times, when approached by an attorney, the facility will offer to settle out of court.

Of course, knowing the right time to settle is difficult, and it requires the help of an attorney to make sure that you make the right decision. They can let you know whether you should settle or not depending on the amount offered. The attorneys will look at the case and help you to get the best possible settlement without actually having to go to trial.

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