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Infection Lawsuits

Infections of almost any type can become most prominent in confined spaces. This is why viral infections seem to run rampant on cruise ships leading to an infection lawsuit. Nursing homes can be especially prone too, due to a number of factors including the confined space, the contact with contaminants, and the lowered or compromised immune system of the elderly patients. According to documentation, as many as three million patients suffer from infection each year and as many as 380,000 individuals in nursing homes die each year due to infection and this often leads to an infection lawsuit as well.

Even if proper infection prevention techniques are followed, the infections can still occur in nursing homes. However, it is vital that the staff do everything possible to avoid them to keep from an infection lawsuit.

Common Nursing Home Infections

There are quite a few infections that are most common in nursing homes due to the way they are transmitted. These include:

  • Influenza – It has been reported that the flu is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States with about 90% of those fatalities being elderly individuals.
  • UTIs or Urinary Tract Infections – This is the most common type of infection found in nursing homes. This is often due to lack of proper hygiene procedures and problems with catheter insertion.
  • Scabies – This is a type of skin infection caused by a small mite that bites and causes reactions. Often, scabies is spread when improper hygiene procedures are followed.

Obviously, this is just the beginning of the types of infections that can occur in nursing homes. There are simply too many things that can get in the way of proper hygiene. The staff may not be properly trained. The nursing home may be understaffed. No matter the case, when elderly individuals are diagnosed with infections or chronic infections, then nursing home infection lawsuits may occur.

The Prevalence of Lawsuits

It has become more and more obvious that nursing home abuse and neglect is all too common throughout the United States. That’s why more lawsuits are coming up on a regular basis. Often, elderly individuals in a nursing home may only have families visit once a week, one a month or even less. As a result, if they are neglected or abused, this could go unnoticed for a longer period and it may take longer to bring up an infection lawsuit.

If the infections go unnoticed and are untreated, they could lead to death. Even minor infections, which would clear up on their own in healthy individuals can be life threatening in elderly individuals. That’s because the elderly usually have a more compromised immune system. They often also have other conditions that make them more susceptible as well. Since the elderly may not be mobile and may also not be able to give voice to what is going on with their body, their infection could go unnoticed for a very long time, and often, when it is found, it could have had detrimental effects on them. When infections, even those that are located in a specific part of the body, are not treated, they can become generalized, meaning they affect other parts of the body, including the organs. This can be especially dangerous for elderly individuals and should be considered grounds for an infection lawsuit.

Those who have loved ones in nursing homes should pay special attention to signs of infection. You may be the only one who notices, and if you notice early enough, the infection can be treated. If your loved one has not been properly cared for or has passed away due to an infection, then it would be best to contact an attorney. You will need to seek the professional services of an attorney who has specific experience in nursing home abuse or neglect as well. This way, they will know how to handle the case properly.




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